Couple Therapy


Couple Therapy supports couples to recognise and better manage or reconcile troublesome differences and repeating patterns of distress.  The focus is on the way the couple are relating to one another.  There is no blame, instead we look at ‘what is’ and from that position there is the possibility of choice and change.

The work involves re-establishing a basic ground of trust and empathy, bringing into awareness the dynamics and exploring other possibilities that re-establish connection, passion and love.

F0r enquiries or to arrange an initial appointment to find out if Couple Therapy would help you deal with your present challenges please contact Cecilia Farrugia Spencer on 07956089374 or email her at

How she works

Cecilia invites the couple to see their relationship as a form of dance and then support them to become aware of what they are doing to create their particular style.  In her experience when couples look at their relationship in this way they focus less on blame and start to become curious about their dynamics, as it is the ‘in between’ that is focused on.  The couple are then supported to consider what would be required for them to create a more satisfying, flowing, dynamic and graceful dance.


Couple Therapy session cost £70 and lasts 60 minutes.