What is Gestalt Therapy?


“The principles of gestalt therapy in particular apply to actual people meeting actual problems in an actual environment.  The gestalt therapist is a human being in awareness and interaction.  For him there is no pure patient-ness.  There is only the person in relationship to his social scene, seeking to grow by integrating all aspects of himself.” 

Ervin and Miriam Poster


Gestalt Therapy is a process where we explore ways of moving toward the experience of wholeness.  This involves:

  • a holistic approach embracing body and mind.
  • recognising and reclaiming parts of ourselves that have been denied.
  •  addressing unresolved situations that are causing concern.

The Gestalt approach seeks to raise awareness of obstacles to growth and to find more fulfilling ways of living your life.  The basic aim is to fully experience and appreciate how you relate to yourself and interact with the world, and to “try out” new ways of being – here and now.  Attention to the present experience is often the starting point for discovering the self and its blocks to growth.

More information about Gestalt Therapy you can find in this pdf article.