Group for Polish speakers


Adam Kincel offers long term group in Polish. The group is held on weekends to enable participation of Polish speakers living in the whole United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. The group is open for first timers and to people with some therapeutic experience. It takes place every two months and lasts for two days. Participants are invited to explore issues which brought them initially to the therapy as well as to focus on the interpersonal relationships within the group. These dynamics allows to gain additional insight into presented problems as well as to test out new ways of being in the safety of the group. However participants may present various spectrum of problems the majority of group members come from families affected by addiction and want to work on codependency. All new members are invited to attend few meetings with the facilitator before the start of the group.

If you are a counsellor or a therapist who is supporting members of the Polish community you may wish to recommend this group to them as a follow up or add on to your treatment.

More details can be found on (in Polish).

Individual therapy is also available for the Polish community at our office in Central London. It can be either in the form of counselling (Kasia Zajac) or psychotherapy (Adam Kincel).