Individual therapy


You may want individual therapy if you are in place in your life when you need help and support. Perhaps you are struggling in a relationship or with yourself. You may have a diagnosed illness or just a sense that something is wrong.

We all have learnt certain ways in which we deal with challenges and difficulties. Therapy allows us to examine these ways and to offer alternatives. It can support clients to follow their emotions and have the confidence to express them. This can lead to a more fulfilling life and healthier relationships.

The relationship between client and therapist is unique based on a partnership of mutual trust, respect and confidentiality to suit all individual needs.  Our practitioners work with the client using the therapeutic relationship to explore their experience and support their growing awareness.

It is debatable how psychotherapy differs from counselling. In Gestalt Therapy psychotherapy is a postgraduate profession whilst counselling is an undergraduate one.


What does Gestalt therapy offer?


  • A Gestalt Therapist relates to you with integrity and in a totally non-judgemental way.  The therapeutic relationship is an opportunity to feel truly seen, heard and thought about in a way that can be deeply healing.
  • A safe and confidential environment to enable you to explore your thoughts and feelings. This will bring about awareness and the ability to recognise and accept more aspects of yourself and how you relate to other people and situations.
  • A creative approach enabling you to find your inner resources; discover new ways of living and make positive changes to enrich your life.
  • It supports us in dealing with problems related to life circumstances and events, such as loss and grief, marital difficulties, abuse or traumatic events, or dealing with aging parents or adolescent children.
  • It invites you explore your dreams.  In Gestalt Therapy, no interpreting of the dream or symbolism is used or recognised as valid.  The dream is unfinished business from the person’s life, and a statement of the here-and-now existence of the dreamer.